The CCRI Program

Research and technology infrastructures are a cornerstone of computing research, allowing for key advancements in information sciences for decades. While these resources bring benefits to the broad community of researchers who can access them, and all of society that benefits from their advances, building and maintaining this infrastructure often exceeds abilities of individual institutions.

For those reasons, the Directorate for Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering (CISE) of National Science Foundation (NSF) launched the CISE Community Research Infrastructure program. This program funds the establishment and maintenance of diverse computing infrastructures available for use by researchers, independent of their institution’s capacity to pay for these infrastructures. By subsidizing these public goods, CISE aims to catalyze new discoveries in computer science and bring about the benefits of these advances for all society.

CCRI-VO’s Purpose

The CCRI Virtual Organization (CCRI-VO) exists to help users understand and utilize the many different computing infrastructures available to them under CCRI. To achieve this purpose, CCRI-VO keeps a centralized list of infrastructures that CCRI has funded, as well as documentation for using those infrastructures. CCRI-VO also enables information exchanges about strategies for building, managing and marketing infrastructures, by facilitating conversations among funded operators, soliciting and compiling user and community input about improvements to the infrastructures, and convening an annual PI meeting to provide direct discussions between PIs, users, NSF staff and other stakeholders.


Supporting diverse communities of CISE researchers pursuing focused research agendas in computer and information science and engineering.

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